Mindset Mastery: Resilience, Continuous Learning, and Strategic Alignment

Sara Sheehan shares an episode containing three messages about mindset approaches. The three approaches collectively yield an attainable vision of transformational leadership. Drawing on her years of experience, Sara’s passion for building long-term relationships and delivering business results gives this episode a timely impact. Transformational leadership has never been as important as it is now.

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13 – Transparency, Trust, and Talent: Navigating Organizational Growth in Modern Workplace Culture

Sara Sheehan’s guest in this episode is Sri Chellappa, Co-Founder and CEO of Engagedly and host of the People Strategy Leaders Podcast. Sri Chellappa talks about Engagedly and the purpose behind its development while highlighting the importance of employee engagement and the right kind of performance management. Developing and maintaining talent requires a transparent and interactive approach which Sri elaborates on for Sara.

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12 – Harnessing Your Leadership Purpose

Sara Sheehan’s guest in this episode is Robin L. Owens, PhD, a tenured professor in religious studies at Mount Saint Mary’s University in LA and host of the podcast ‘Leadership Purpose with Dr. Robin’. Dr. Robin shares the childhood drive that led her to her third career in religious studies and why she focuses on helping high-achieving women find their leadership purpose through passion, values, and their zone of genius.

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11- Running Your Own Race with Gresh Harkless

Sara Sheehan’s guest in this episode is marketing mastermind Gresh Harkless. Gresham (Gresh) Harkless Jr. is the founder of Blue 16 Media and CB Nation. He works with business owners as their marketing agency, creating websites, handling SEO, and ensuring they understand what their digital marketing is doing for them. Gresh talks about how he found his purpose and the career he has today.

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10 – CEO Sales Strategies with Doug C. Brown

Sara Sheehan welcomes her friend and mentor Doug C. Brown to the show to talk about successful sales strategies. Doug C. Brown is the CEO of CEO Sales Strategies and is a Sales Revenue and Profit Growth Expert. Doug’s educational and working background is an impressive mix of varied skills, but he always knew he wanted to focus his energies on helping people achieve their best in sales.

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09 – Achieving your Business Potential with Jocelyn Chong

Sara Sheehan welcomes Jocelyn Chong – Business Consultant, Corporate Trainer, and Professional Speaker – to the podcast to talk about Jocelyn’s work in coaching executives and business leaders in the power of money mindset, sales, leadership, and business development. Jocelyn shares her own personal journey through the financial world into a deeper realization of herself.

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08 – Energetic Alignment

Content Warning: Sexual assault
Sara Sheehan is joined by Alicia Cramer, author and entrepreneur, to talk about Alicia’s book, “Energetic Alignment” and the mindset work she helps clients master. The thoughts and traumas that hold us back can be overcome through aligning our mindset with positive beliefs. Alicia explains the tools she uses to assist in that transformation.

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07 – Mental Health Training for the Corporate Workspace

Sara Sheehan welcomes Psychological Health and Safety Advisor, and expert in hope, Lindsay Recknell to the show to talk about the vital topic of mental health training for corporate spaces. Mental health is absolutely fundamental to corporate wellness and Lindsay offers several methods of training corporations, employees, and business owners how to speak the language of mental health in their workspace.

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06 – Comprehensive Overview of Organizational Redesign

Sara Sheehan talks about the compelling current topic of organization design. She highlights some statistics about organizations and redesign that are staggering, before exploring what a successful redesign must incorporate. Sara has real expertise in this area and she shares some valuable insights.

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05 – Self Awareness: The Key to Leadership Development

Sara Sheehan talks about self awareness and how vital it is to developing your leadership effectiveness. She details several foundational aspects of self awareness including active listening, gratitude, and consistent life habits. Sara confirms that mindset, which is part of self awareness, is one of the most powerful tools a leader can possess.

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