Consultant and Executive Coach

In an interview with Mario Schulzke, Sara speaks about her career, exciting trends and the importance of not doing everything yourself when growing your business.

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The Power Of Coaching To Your Business

Episode 50 of CEO Sales Strategies hosted by Doug C. Brown - Sara Sheehan discusses a variety of questions including what coaching actually is, why you should have it, and the right questions to ask.

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Working Well with Sara Sheehan

In an interview with Authority Magazine, Sara Sheehan discusses creating a wellbeing-focused workplace culture and it includes programs that support Mental Wellness, Emotional Wellness, Social Wellness, Physical Wellness, and Financial Wellness. A trend that is only going to increase in the future.

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Sara Sheehan Supporting Clients in Business Transformations

Through executive coaching, Sara Sheehan , PCC, helps leaders sprint their way up the corporate ladder and increase their performance. In her interview with Billion Success, Sara dives into what Sara Sheehan Consulting is all about, how it was started, and what she's learned to continue growing her business, and more.

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