Meet Sara Sheehan

Read Sara Sheehan's mind opening conversation with Bold Journey as they talk about wisdom, optimism, consulting, and more…

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Supporting You In Leading Change

Learn how Sara integrates coaching techniques, methods, and approaches to help her clients develop change capabilities and learn to apply them right away....

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The Power of the Company You Keep

Be mindful of the people surrounding you and how they are helping you or hindering your progress. There are many ways to create and build more valuable relationships in your professional...

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Guide to Navigating Transformation

Business and leadership transformations require a clear plan, specific goals, and commitment to change. This article contains my comprehensive guide to achieving success through navigating...

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Key To Effective Leadership Development

In this article, I am pleased to share my methodology for tapping into greater self-awareness to impact effective leadership development and practices. Leadership development and self-awareness...

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